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Dream Drivers Ltd’s main purpose is to provide small independent restaurants and takeaways with their own personal delivery driver. But we can help any business that requires drivers. We’ve helped dry cleaners, law firms and even wedding cake companies, supplying reliable drivers to carry out multi-drop daily deliveries.

When you hire a delivery driver from Dream Drivers, it’s on your terms. It’s entirely up to you how long you’d like to hire a driver for, whether that’s a few days or a few months. All our drivers are friendly, efficient and professional. That’s how we’ve developed such an excellent reputation in Edinburgh as a reliable driver agency. When you hire one of our drivers, expect only the highest level of service.

Dream Drivers


We tailor our prices to suit each business, depending on delivery radius, delivery quantity and how you pay your current drivers. This allows us to accurately quote suited to your business performance and, in most instances, save you money whilst eliminating the frustration of time wasted trying to find a driver.

Dream Drivers


Not only do Dream Drivers provide you with a reliable driver as and when you need one, we also offer advertising packages. This can include branded driver apparel, branded 12v electric heated delivery bags and car advertising. Get in touch to discuss our bespoke advertising solutions.

Dream Drivers


All Dream Drivers are fully licensed, experienced and CRB checked. Each of our drivers take full responsibility for tasks assigned to them and pride themselves on offering a safe, reliable and quality service.

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We help you deliver food to your customers quickly and efficiently. With the use of our heated delivery bags, we also ensure your customers never receive a cold food delivery. Work with us and watch your ratings increase.

Dream Drivers


Not only are we creating quality local jobs in local communities, we’re helping local businesses become more efficient. We pride ourselves on building relationships and creating opportunities within local communities.

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It’s not just our delivery drivers that are quick. If you’re in a rush, we can provide you with a driver in no time. Just fill in our form below and one of our Dream Drivers will be at your service.

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Rest assured that all our drivers are fully insured. All you need to do is ensure that the address is correct and a recipient is available. Our delivery drivers will make sure that your parcel is received promptly and on time.

Dream Drivers


With our tailored pricing structure, flexible driver hire and business promotion options, we’re dedicated to helping your business save money. Whatever you need a driver for, we can help. Get in touch today.

    Focus on what you do the best

    We fully vet and trial all drivers before we send them out. We also take care of any issues such as absence, car problems, holidays and sick days, leaving you to focus on the most important aspects of your business.

    Qualified for every delivery

    Finding a reliable delivery driver can be a headache. We’re here to turn that distress into a dream. Whatever your business – whether it’s a takeaway, restaurant, or any kind of delivery service – we’re here to provide you with a driver as and when you need one.