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Accelerate Your Business Growth: Drivers Agency VS Delivery Platforms

Restaurants are benefiting from partnering with drivers agency instead of delivery platform. These agencies pay drivers above minimum wage, reducing strikes and ensuring consistency. Avoiding platform commissions saves restaurants £400-£600 weekly, enabling better customer pricing and increased orders. Direct customer contacts lead to personalized marketing and improved brand loyalty. Embracing driver agencies is a win-win strategy for the food delivery industry.

Drivers Agency: Exploring the benefits and drawbacks

Working with a driver’s agency offers several advantages for restaurants. Agencies pay drivers above minimum wage, ensuring fair compensation and reducing the risk of strikes for a stable service. By partnering with an agency, restaurants avoid hefty delivery platform commissions, saving £400-£600 weekly and offering competitive pricing for more orders and revenue.

However, using in-house drivers can pose challenges in HR, logistics, customer service, and finances. Sickness, holiday staffing, and delivery management become restaurant responsibilities.

Driver agencies also provide direct customer contacts for personalized marketing and improved brand loyalty. Restaurants can tailor promotions based on customer preferences for engaging experiences.

Yet, coordination with agencies may require careful communication and monitoring for smooth operations. Consider your business volume to benefit from hourly rate agencies.

On the other hand, relying solely on delivery platforms has drawbacks. High commission fees, up to 35% of orders, eat into profit margins, especially for small restaurants.

Delivery Platforms: Understanding the advantages and disadvantages


Delivery platforms, like food delivery apps, have gained popularity among restaurants for expanding their service reach. They offer convenience to customers, allowing them to order from various restaurants. However, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of solely relying on these platforms.

One advantage is the exposure and visibility to a broad audience, attracting new customers. Platforms handle the entire delivery process, saving time and resources for smaller establishments.

Moreover, delivery platforms invest in marketing and promoting partner restaurants through various channels.

Despite the benefits, significant concerns exist. High commission fees can eat into profit margins, impacting smaller restaurants. Additionally, limited access to customer data hinders personalized marketing and direct customer relationships.

Furthermore, restaurants may lose control over the delivery experience, affecting customer satisfaction and brand perception.

At Dream Drivers, our driver agency model offers a solution. Drivers earn above minimum wage, reducing risks of strikes and ensuring reliable service. Partnering with us means saving on commission fees, personalizing marketing, and maintaining control over the delivery experience. Consider the advantages and disadvantages to find the best fit for your restaurant’s success.

Comparison: Drivers Agency vs. Delivery Platforms


When considering the best approach to accelerate business growth in the food delivery industry, it is essential to compare the benefits and drawbacks of drivers agencies and delivery platforms. Both options have their unique advantages and disadvantages, and the right choice depends on the specific needs and goals of each restaurant, based on your situation. Our recommendations are based on our client’s experience and the economy they were in. Dream Drivers was founded to be beneficial for takeaways and drivers, so we recommend making decisions based on your situation.

If you are forecasting less than 4 delivery orders per hour the best option for you is to use platforms and grow your clients list. They provide a convenient and accessible way for customers to order food, increasing visibility for participating restaurants. This exposure can lead to a broader customer base and increased orders.

When your restaurant is thriving and demand is high, it’s the perfect time to optimise your operations by cutting down on commissions and prioritizing customer service. Driver’s agencies offer a viable solution by compensating drivers above the minimum wage, guaranteeing a stable and reliable delivery service while mitigating the risk of labour disputes and strikes. This enhanced consistency translates to improved customer satisfaction and increased loyalty. Engaging a dedicated delivery driver from a reputable agency can elevate your delivery services to new heights. Moreover, consider exploring the option of retaining orders from platforms that lack delivery services, enabling you to save money, which can be reinvested in developing your own ordering platform. Taking control of your marketing and CRM empowers your restaurant with the ability to establish a direct connection with customers, further enhancing your brand’s success in the competitive food industry.

When you are big enough and building a strong brand we recommend you transfer all your online orders to your own platform. This will make you commission-free with full control over your clients’ data. So you can create targeted promotions and offers that resonate with their audience, fostering brand loyalty and attracting new customers.

Ultimately, the choice between drivers agency and a delivery platform depends on the specific priorities and circumstances of each restaurant. By carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages, restaurants can make an informed decision that aligns with their growth objectives.