Dream Drivers is a professional driver agency based in Edinburgh. We provide reliable drivers to food delivery businesses across the city, whenever required. There’s no need to worry about sickness, holidays or car problems either – we take care of all of that.

If one driver can’t work and/or doesn’t turn up, we simply send another. Our efficient service makes it easy for you to focus on more important business matters.


We recruit reliable drivers via all the usual methods, such as social media, online job platforms and phone calls. But our tough interview and vetting process means only the best go on to become Dream Drivers.

Our philosophy is built around ensuring our drivers’ satisfaction. This, in turn, results in our partners receiving the very best service. We do this by offering a positive working environment for our drivers, and building solid, genuine relationships with our partners.

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Do you need a reliable delivery driver? Fed up trying to find someone suitable to cover whilst your main driver takes time off? All our drivers come fully trained and qualified with all correct documentation. Get in touch with us today.

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Are you looking for a delivery driver job? Do you need for some extra income? Whether you’re after a new career or just some additional part-time hours, we could help. To join our team of highly motivated delivery drivers, contact us today.

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