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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For anyone looking at delivery driver jobs in Edinburgh or further afield, we’ve put together some of the frequently asked questions that we have received. Our team have taken the time to put together some helpful answers about delivery driver jobs in Edinburgh. If you want to know more details about Dream Drivers, delivery driving in general or anything else then contact one of the team today. If you’re a driver in Edinburgh, the role for you is only a few steps away.

    Dream Drivers specialise in offering efficient, professional delivery drivers for takeaways, restaurants and an array of other businesses across the foodservice industry. Dream Drivers is one of the UK’s fastest-growing driver networks, managing an extensive group of self-employed multi-drop delivery drivers. Whether a motorbike, car or van driver we ensure each driver goes through an extensive onboarding process. It is our commitment to each and every delivery driver that they will receive a comprehensive package that includes paid full training, flexible working by managing your own workload and all the support you will need. All of this happens whilst being provided with a long list of delivery driver jobs in the Edinburgh region.

    We are proud to provide highly competitive hourly rates for each of our delivery drivers that join Dream Drivers. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to earn extra income via incentives and bonuses. If you’re a hardworking driver with or without delivery experience that is reliable and responsible, then we are the place for you. For anyone searching for delivery driver jobs in Edinburgh, we will do all we can to ensure you stay motivated at work, whilst providing quality customer service to every one of our clients.

    We have a long list of takeaway businesses, restaurants and food outlets that have selected Dream Drivers as their preferred supplier of self-employed delivery drivers. Edinburgh is one of the largest locations in Scotland and the UK for food outlets. As a result, you will never be short of delivery driver jobs in your local area with a range of multi-drop delivery opportunities every shift.

    We are actively recruiting delivery drivers for our food outlets in Edinburgh and surrounding areas and you have probably seen many drivers in your local area that are part of the Dream Driver network. As soon as you join our team, you will be able to use our tailor-made mobile app to receive a job alert for every delivery job in Edinburgh. This means you get them on the date posted and you will no longer be frustrated by being notified about jobs that appeared days ago. We’re known for always being able to find a reliable food service driver for our client, so become that driver today!

    Absolutely! We are always looking for reliable, hardworking delivery drivers whether that is in this location of Edinburgh or further afield. Dream Drivers provides driver support for food outlets, takeaways and restaurants across the Lothian region, Scotland and the wider UK.

    You may currently be a courier or van delivery driver or perhaps spent time being a delivery driver 1 year ago. No matter your situation, if you have a passion for the role then we want to hear from you, wherever you’re located.

    We’re currently aiming to add to our network of delivery drivers across the region so we recommend you get in touch to see if we have the type of delivery driver opportunities you require. Keep an eye out for our drivers wanted job alerts online as well. We’re adding a new client based in Edinburgh every day thanks to our great customer feedback, so your new delivery services job isn’t far away!

    At Dream Drivers, we have put a lot of effort into designing an application process that utilises technology and support staff. We believe this makes it an intuitive, efficient and supportive process that makes life easier for everyone. The first stage is filling out the delivery driver jobs form which is found on this webpage. Subsequently, you will receive instructions from one of our team about the next steps. With an almost immediate start available, you’ll have a new job description, job title, career and income in no time.

    At this point, we feel it important to note that you will require certain personal information to hand so that we can get you set up on our system. This will include information like a valid driving licence (speak to us if you don’t have a full UK driving licence or clean drivers licence), bank details etc. You will be able to save your application at any stage if you can’t complete it in one go and we don’t require you to work a set number of days per week. We truly believe a flexible job offers fantastic benefits to both the employer and the delivery driver.

    Yes, you will have the option to create your own calendar so that it fits in with your personal requirements. If you need to take time off, work a reduced schedule on certain days or permanently work part-time or full-time then it’s all up to what you need. We only wish to work with passionate and dedicated delivery drivers and in return, we’re committed to letting you have the flexibility and support that your life needs.

    It is our belief that we offer a commitment to each delivery driver that is not found in similar jobs elsewhere. The most important part of the Dream Drivers network is our people and we will do everything we can to make your time spent at work an enjoyable experience.

    As an existing delivery driver, whether you’re self-employed or otherwise, you can choose a new path with Dream Drivers and get fantastic benefits and a great work-life balance. That sounds pretty good to us!

    We provide every delivery driver with an enviable payment system that includes highly competitive rates of pay, incentive opportunities and bonuses during each year. The final rate of pay you will earn per hour, per day or per annum will depend on a range of factors so we always advise speaking to one of the Dream Drivers team to find out all the answers. Dream Drivers is committed to paying everyone competitive delivery driver self-employed rates.

    Have you been searching for a delivery driver job in Edinburgh? Always applying for those driver required adverts but have no luck? Then look no further than Dream Drivers as we are the network of food delivery drivers for you. Play a key role in getting tasty food to our client’s customers today!